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How to Organize Your Hen Weekends in UK

Hen parties and hen nights are now passé. Brides-to-be who want to most of their last party as a single woman now indulge in hen weekends instead. If you too are interested in planning a hen weekend, read on to get some exciting ideas.

Things To Do During Daytime

When you are planning a hen weekend, you need to plan for both daytime and nighttime activities. When it come to things to do during the day, one of the most popular activities is shopping with one’s girlfriends and creating a whole new exciting wardrobe for one’s married life. For those looking for raunchier daytime activities, you can always consider taking pole dancing lessons or cheerleading lessons to enthrall your future husband with.

Things To Do During Nighttime

When it comes to nighttime activities for a hen weekends, the choices are endless. You can do a dinner-theatre- karaoke routine which is quite popular for such occasions. For those looking for seamier action, you can get male strippers, comedy shows, drag cabaret or a combination of all three. You can consider riding a fire truck through town with your girlfriends or taking a limo tour with a bunch of male strippers. Of course, you can also go club hopping and painting the town red with your girlfriends.

Making Hen Weekends More Fun

How much more fun hen weekends would be if you also dressed the part? How about accessorizing with sashes, tiaras, pompoms or tutus to announce the hen party? Better still, how about getting all your girlfriends to get into a costume and partying dressed up as nuns or cheerleaders or schoolgirls? Not only will it make for great photos that you will cherish for the rest of your life, it will add dollops of fun to your hen weekend.


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