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Looking to organize a hen party or hen do?

Hen Parties

The Adonis Cabaret hen party do combines everything you want and need in one night out, packaged at a price thats unbeatable in a venue that is the best in any city. The focus is on fun, gags, games and good times, from 7pm till 2am your hen party will be sorted! Food and drinks are provided at the start on the evening so you won't go hungry, ready in time for your hen do show, with male strip, drag comics, games on stage and laughs a minuet the audince is kept on there toes throughout the night and some unexpected surprises for all hen parties.

Weekly hen party shows are now in London, Blackpool, Brighton, Bournemouth and Newcastle you shouldn't miss the chance to take a hen do along to this comedy full monty night.

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Does your hen do have a hen queen? Ooooh do we have a treat for you! All hen parties have the chance to get there special someone up close and personal on stage, and receive that Adonis VIP treatment, we even take free photos of the occasion to prove it was not a dream.

Top Performers

Hen Parties

The Adonis boys have performed for hen parties all over the world, but changing with the times done are the Chippendale style routines and in with more gags fun and laughter, sexy guys who make you laugh, that's what we are after! Our boys (and drag queen girls) have been on TV more times than the weather man, from regular spots on Eastenders, to feature films like Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, we strip, we act, we sing, we dance and it all goes into the show you will see on stage!


Hen Party

Hen Do

If its a Birthday, Office Parties, Leaving do or Hen Do, or just a Girls Night Out, we will rock the house, giving you a night you will never forget, every detail has been thought off to ensure you have a great time and all this from just £29per person! If you think what it would cost to go out doe dinner, have a few drinks, watch a show, and go clubbing its a fraction of the cost and all in one venue !

Hen Parties always remember our Hen Do!

Hen Do

A night to remember, we take free photos all through the night, from the moment you reach our paparazzi on the door photos in the venue, of the performers and performances on stage and your hen party groups, we have thought of it all, and they are all free along with loads of other gifts and extras you would not expect but you should really request an info pack here or look for their main web site on the internet here.

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